lintian-sort — reproducibly sort the Lintian tool's output


The lintian-sort tool reorders the messages reported by the lintian Debian package analysis tool so that they are kept in the same order between successive builds. This minimizes the changes that the package maintainer sees using a file comparison tool (like diff) to check if any new problems have appeared or any of the old ones have been fixed.

The lintian-sort tool keeps any additional information (lines starting with “N:”) together with the tags they describe; however, it takes care to put the final “N: 5 tags overridden” message (along with any follow-up descriptive lines) at the end.


The source of the lintian-sort utility may be obtained at its homepage. It is developed in a GitLab Git repository.

The current version of lintian-sort is lintian-sort-0.2.0:

Some previous versions are also available:


Peter Pentchev