sysgather — a configuration files mismanager

Welcome to the home of the sysgather utility — basically, a simple utility to help organize the configuration files of various software packages in a simple directory structure convenient for keeping under version control. You do keep your config files under version control, don't you? Oh well, if you don't — yet — then maybe sysgather will be just the thing that will push you over to actually doing it! And then again, maybe not :)

Anyway, if you really want to know what sysgather is or does, there is the HTML version of its documentation, and then there is the change log.

The current release of sysgather is 1.0pre10; it is available for download in several different flavors:

Also, for your downloading and comparing enjoyment, we provide some oldish sysgather versions:

That's all for today, folks! If you feel the need for more, you may contact me via e-mail: Peter Pentchev <>.

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