tox-delay — run some Tox tests after others have completed

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The tox-delay tool postpones the run of the specified Tox environments after the run of all the others has completed successfully. This may be useful if e.g. there are unit or functional test environments, which it would make no sense to run if the static checkers (pylint, mypy, etc) find problems.

The mandatory -e envlist parameter to tox-delay specifies the comma-separated list of environment names to delay. The tool runs Tox, instructing it to skip these specific environments, and if the run is successful, tox-delay then runs Tox again only for the specified ones.

For example, if a tox.ini file declares the "black", "pep8", "mypy", "pylint", "unit-tests", and "functional" environments, the following invocation:

tox-delay -e unit-tests,functional

…would result in Tox running the "black", "pep8", "mypy", and "pylint" environments and, if this is successful, a second Tox run for "unit-tests" and "functional".

Any positional arguments to tox-delay are passed along to Tox for both runs. This allows both specifying more Tox options (--workdir, --skip-missing-interpreters, etc) and specifying more positional arguments to be expanded using the {posargs} setting in tox.ini. Thus, the -k all arguments in the following invocation will be used as {posargs}, maybe for pytest or something similar:

tox-delay -e unit-tests,functional -- --workdir /tmp/tox -- -k all

The -p command-line option, along with its argument, is passed on to Tox only for the first run. Thus, the following invocation would run the "black", "pep8", "mypy", and "pylint" environments in parallel and then run the "unit-tests" and "functional" ones sequentially:

tox-delay -p all -e unit-tests,functional

If the second run should also be done in parallel, this may be achieved by passing -p all once again, but this time in the "general Tox options" section as described above:

tox-delay -p all -e unit-tests,functional -- -p all

Downloading tox-delay

The tox-delay homepage is here; the development history may be seen in the change log.

The latest release is tox-delay-0.1.4:

Older versions of tox-delay


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