install-mimic — overwrite and preserve ownership


The install-mimic utility copies the specified files to the specified destination (file or directory) similarly to install(1), but it preserves the ownership and access mode of the destination files. This is useful when updating files that have already been installed with locally modified copies that may be owned by the current user and not by the desired owner of the destination file (e.g. root).


Overwrite a system file with a local copy:

install-mimic ./ /usr/bin/install-mimic

Overwrite several files with local copies with the same name:

install-mimic cinder/*.py /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cinder/

Install a new file similar to a system file:

install-mimic -v -r /usr/bin/install-mimic install-none /usr/bin/


The source of the install-mimic utility may be obtained at its homepage. It is developed in a GitHub Git repository.

The current version of install-mimic is install_mimic-0.4.0:

Some older versions are also available: