repopush — safely rsync a package repository to another location


The repopush tool is yet another program that helps with copying the various package files and repository metadata from one OS package repository to another, taking care to copy and remove files in such a way as to never have the remote repository present an inconsistent view. This is done by first copying the new package files, then copying the new metadata files, then removing the outdated metadata files, and only then removing the outdated package files.

The repopush tool supports APT and YUM repositories and figures out which one to handle by analyzing the contents of the local repository. This is one of the reasons why the latter must indeed be a directory on a locally-mounted filesystem.


The source of the repopush tool may be obtained at its homepage. It is developed in a GitLab Git repository.

The current version of repopush is repopush-0.1.0:

Version history

See the repopush change log.


Peter Pentchev